OKR Fundamentals

24 March 2023
OKR Fundamentals
OKR Dashboard Title Image
OKR Dashboard Guide: How to, Examples, and Templates
31 January 2021
OKR Fundamentals
The OKR Guide: How to Succeed with Objectives and Key Results
The original OKR method came from Intel and extended to other Silicon Valley representatives. Google adopted OKRs in 1999, during its first year of existence. This method has enabled Google to grow from 40 employees to 60,000 today.
23 January 2021
OKR Fundamentals
OKR's: How John Doerr's Formula Makes Companies Grow
In 1999, John Doerr brought OKR to Google, and this system made Google one of the richest companies in the world. So what is OKR and why does your business need it?