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OBoard is a complete OKR management platform aimed to build collaborative and efficient work for your company. With our OKR Board platform, your team will easily move in one direction, see the progress and reach the desired goals faster. Each department is powerful alone, but they do better together when aligned. Set OKRs, track performance, and grow bigger with OBoard!
About us hero
Cloud Security Program and Marketplace Bug Bounty Program participant.
Most popular and trusted OKR app on the Atlassian marketplace.
High customer satisfaction Atlassian Marketplace rate 3,9 from 4.
Superior — from human to human.
OKRs created in 5000
strategic intervals.
companies from 50+ countries
already use OBoard.
The work efficiency is increasing
by 78% on average.

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If you need more detailed technical support or help setting up a new rule, we're happy to help too! We try to respond to all support requests within 1 business day. Oboard is located in Central Europe, and our official support hours are from 9AM - 5PM CET, Monday - Friday.

In order for us to help you as quickly as possible, please provide the following information in your request:
  • Your plugin version;
  • Your Atlassian product version;
  • Detailed steps to re-create the problem (including screenshots);
  • Your system details (Browser, OS, screen resolution, etc.)