OKR Examples

22 February 2023
OKR Examples
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How to Set Engineering OKRs: Best Practices and Examples
4 April 2021
OKR Examples
How to Set Web Design OKRs: Best Practices and Examples
As you probably already know, OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a strategic management methodology that allows synchronizing the goals of the team with individual goals. It allows ensuring effective control over the setting of goals in implementing the organization's strategy. But to better understand the system, it makes sense to look at it with specific examples. In this article, we propose to consider examples of Web Design objectives and key results.
28 March 2021
OKR Examples
Sales OKR examples
OKR is a completely transparent system. Any employee can see who is doing what and how far they have come to achieve the goal. All this allows for more efficient results management. And in this article, we propose to consider specific examples of setting OKRs for the Sales Department.
19 March 2021
OKR Examples
Marketing OKR examples
The OKR method gives each employee of a company an understanding of how his/her current job affects the entire company. This allows you to see sense even in small routine tasks, which qualitatively affects motivation. The staff of the company must be involved in the process and work together towards achieving the targets. And in this article, we propose to consider OKR examples for the Digital Marketing Department.
14 March 2021
OKR Examples
OKR Framework in Practice: Finance and Accounting OKR Examples
To understand OKR framework, it's better to look at certain examples of how it can be applied. This article provides objective and key results samples for the financial and accounting department.
10 March 2021
OKR Examples
Company OKR
Company OKR Examples
OKR is a goal-setting system that aims to build a hierarchy of goals from the whole company's level to an employee's level. Objectives are measurable achievements that provide value to the company or customers, and key results are clear signs that a given goal has been achieved. But the best way to understand what OKR is to look at OKRs examples for a company itself.
27 February 2021
OKR Examples
OKR examples for Product Management Team
The OKR method functions as a hierarchy: first, the company's tasks are determined, then - tasks of departments, and specific employees. Movement can also occur from the bottom up: from the staff's goals to the entire company's goals. This article invites you to consider the use cases of OKR for members of the Product Management Department.