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OKR Board for Confluence by Oboard 

An example of the OKR Board for Confluence report

We at Oboard believe that using OKRs in your organization should be as flawless as possible: less friction — more traction. 

That’s why our first product was OKR Board for Jira — a powerful yet easy-to-use Jira plugin that enables you to track & manage your OKRs exactly where you track & manage your everyday work. 

That is also exactly why we’ve launched OKR Board for Confluencean app enabling you to create your interactive Confluence OKR dashboard in one click. Cause you need to share your OKR knowledge where you share all your team knowledge, right?

Company OKRs knowledge shared

OKRs benefit from easily shared documentation, just like every significant company-wide project. Confluence is a perfect platform for collecting and sharing with the team all of your OKR-related information. This promotes the use of OKRs and lessens departmental back-and-forth communication. 

OKR Board for Confluence by Oboard empowers you to be transparent on your OKRs across the company without oversharing excess information: every team and every Confluence page will get a customized dashboard with a unique access level. Quickly generate, set up and embed separate OKR dashboards in separate Confluence pages.

OKR performance management — one tool to track them all

One of the keys to successful OKR adoption across your company is a convenient way to track OKR progress. Of course, the tracking process and approach may vary from organization to organization (or even on a team level). OKR Board for Confluence by Oboard lets you track personal and team OKR progress with its interactive dashboard.

Forget constantly looking for “new and better” Confluence OKR templates and updating them manually. OKR Board for Confluence empowers you to track OKRs across all your company without time-consuming OKR update meetings. Keep track of your team’s performance with an automatically generated OKR performance report.

Confluence OKR Dashboard — convenient OKR reporting

OKRs are only helpful if the organization as a whole is informed and aware of the goals and the progress made toward achieving them. This is why OKR reporting is as essential as OKR tracking. Whether it’s only for you, your team, other departments, or your managers, OKR reporting can become very time-consuming. Especially if you fill out every report manually and need to set up meetings to present them.

OKR Board for Confluence by Oboard enables you to create powerful, customizable, and shareable executive-level dashboards for customized reporting with stakeholders without needing excess status meetings or slide decks. 

Your OKR structure and OKR progress in one place

One of the most significant management challenges is seeing the big picture and tracking day-to-day progress simultaneously. To keep making data-driven decisions without losing the helicopter view, you need convenient and versatile OKR software. 

OKR board for Confluence by Oboard allows you to visualize and navigate your entire OKR hierarchy in one place (from objectives to the individual Jira tasks). You can filter and embed specific Objectives with all nested Key Results and Jira tasks into the Confluence page as a clear, easy-to-use hierarchy tree.

How to get started

OKR Board for Confluence is absolutely free! However, to start using it, you’ll need to install OKR Board for Jira first — the #1 top-rated and most popular OKR for Jira plugin since 2019.

Product Features

Macros includes:

  • Home page:
    • Personal OKRs
    • Team OKRs
    • Chart with personal or team progress
    • Statistics by OKR status
  • Dashboard – Performance report:
    • Team and personal statistics by OKR statues
    • Average OKR grades by team and person
  • Alignment view:
    • The list of OKRs in the hierarchy represents all nested items
    • OKRs grades
Take the friction out of managing OKRs and implement the framework with ease.