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The Oboard platform makes it easy for your entire company to work together — marketing, sales, customer service, and other departments. Each department is powerful alone, but they do better together when aligned.

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The OKR Board for Jira allows you to align Business and IT directly in Jira, while progress on tasks will be updated automatically. OKR + Jira = Love.
The OKR Board for Salesforce allows you to work with the framework without leaving Salesforce with deep and native integration.
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web app
Web app
Standalone OKR Board web app is a powerful OKR management software with the simplistic UX and bench of integrations.
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10 November 2022
OKRs for remote teams
Using OKRs in Remote Teams
According to world statistics, the growth of remote work occurred exponentially before the events of recent years. But a significant part of the business has switched to remote work under quarantine conditions. This is where the complexity of work in remote teams comes in, exposing long-standing problems.
OKRs Product
15 September 2022
Roadmap for OKR
What is a Roadmap, and how can it be combined with OKRs
Each project or company, as a rule, has a development strategy and a plan for implementing this strategy. Whether you are an experienced Agile or OKR coach, Strategic planning manager, or Product/Project manager, you still need to be able to set a direction and clearly understand long-term perspective.
Product release
12 September 2022
How Roadmap Can Empower Your OKRs
On August 31st, 2022 we launched a new feature - Roadmap for OKR. Based on our client's needs, we wanted to create something that helps with strategic planning and can turn your company’s aspirations into reality.