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Introducing the OKR Board for Salesforce

OKR Board for Salesforce

OKR Board is a powerful OKR management app that brings OKRs into the Salesforce AppExchange! With Oboard, you can create, monitor and manage OKRs in real-time, use performance Dashboards to create reports, and improve your workflow — all this with full Salesforce integration. Whether your company is a massive enterprise with 20 000 users across multiple continents, a top-secret Pentagon department, or a disruptive startup of 10, OKR Board is exactly what you need to achieve your goals! Here’s how:

Set Up Your OKR Board on Salesforce

OKRs are a great tool to set ambitious measurable goals and motivate your team towards achieving them. However, implementing OKRs is rather complicated and managing them requires much effort. If you are currently using Google Sheets or MS Excel for this, you already know that — just as you know that OKRs often end up neglected when the team is put under pressure. And this is where OKR Board by Oboard shines — we bring you an all-in-one solution for OKR management that is fully integrated into the Salesforce platform and automates everything you do with OKRs.

No more giant spreadsheets. No more late nights spent mindlessly typing in the fresh sales reports. Just set your OKRs in Salesforce and focus on hitting the goals — Oboard will automatically track, log, and analyze the metrics for every team member. And then you can see a real-time report on their progress.

Home of your OKRs
See all your objectives and key results on a single board

The classic OKR methodology requires all projects to be completely transparent — but the real world is a little more complicated. With the OKR Board for Salesforce, you can create public and private workspaces to make the most out of sensitive and closed-off projects.

If your team is working on a feature or a spin-off project that the world is not ready to know about — just set it up as a private workspace and invite all the developers. They can still participate in other public projects, but nobody will be able to see what they are doing on the private board.

Speaking of permissions — OKR Board for Salesforce comes with a very advanced user role manager. Each user can have different permissions across different workspaces, according to their role. For example, your CMO might be a mere Observer or User on the company-wide strategic Salesforce OKR Board, but they will be a full-on Administrator in their own Marketing workspace.

Finally, with the OKR Board for Salesforce you can directly reflect your company structure as your OKR structure. By default, we offer Company, Group, and Personal OKRs. But we also have customers who add Strategic and Department levels to establish more direct responsibility. Alternatively, you can try and do your own thing entirely — the OKR Board will work either way.

Manage OKRs in Salesforce

Setting up your board is enough to get the basics, but the OKR framework is at its best when implemented continuously — with necessary adjustments performed as you go. So we made this maintenance and management process as easy as possible.

Having an ambitious long-term target can do wonders for your productivity. But it can also lead to demotivation — as evident by Harvard Business School research. This is why the OKR Board for Salesforce allows teams to break strategic yearly OKRs into quarterly and monthly goals, so that performance is more sustained and not rushed by the end of the reporting period, while preserving the sense of accomplishment towards the larger goals.

Manage your OKRs in Salesforce
Managing OKRs in Salesforce has never been easier

We also offer a way to draw attention to the crucial parts of work by highlighting them with custom weights. For example, you have a strategic goal of selling 1 000 000 subscriptions, out of which you want 750 000 Standard users and 250 000 Premium users. Since Premium users are more profitable, you can highlight this OKR with a custom weight of x3. Now each new Premium subscription will be equal to 3 Standards, when calculating the total Salesforce OKR completion rate.

Create Reports in Salesforce

We like to think that all our work time contributes to hitting strategic goals, we spend a significant portion of it writing reports and assembling data. That’s why we made Dashboards where you can see all the info you need at a glimpse. They show you all currently tracked metrics and you can adjust them to showcase contributions of an employee, team or department across a certain time interval. Essentially, each Dashboard is a ready-made, self-updating report that you can link to your supervisor or executive. 

All your OKR stats in Salesforce
All reports on OKRs available directly in Salesforce

But sometimes you want this data to be processed further, and that’s where the public API comes in. With it, you can quickly transfer all the data you need outside Salesforce and into your company’s visualization or analytics software. With Oboard, you no longer have to copy and paste — just set up the data transfer once and repeat the task as needed. The documentation and full support for the API comes included with the Oboard license, and our team will always be happy to assist you.

Try Oboard for Salesforce Now!

Oboard — The OKR Board for Salesforce is available now on AppExchange with a trial period of 30 days. Click Get It Now on the AppExchange page or choose Test Drive to start your trial. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our account managers.

Set up your OKRs in Salesforce with Oboard and take the friction out of managing them.