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Viktor Grekov

Viktor Grekov is a CEO and co-founder at Oboard (OKR Board for Jira & Salesforce), with over 12 years of IT industry experience in product management and organizational transformation. His knowledge and skills accelerated the understanding of client business needs and OKR market conditions, so he focused on helping organizations achieve strategic goals by creating the OKR Board for Jira. With a technical and product management background, Viktor directs the transfer of innovative OKR solutions from the lab to the market as a true OKR evangelist. He enjoys hiking and taking road trips when not exploring software improvements.
12 September 2022
Oboard Update
How Roadmap Can Empower Your OKRs
On August 31st, 2022 we launched a new feature - Roadmap for OKR. Based on our client's needs, we wanted to create something that helps with strategic planning and can turn your company’s aspirations into reality.