Earnest Research
Empowering distributed teams
Earnest Research is the largest provider of data analytics products for measuring the consumer economy. They are a distributed team of ~100 people based across various global locations. Their mission is to create the most actionable data products that transform how clients make decisions.

Founded in 2012, Earnest was the first company to launch a self-service data analytics platform that provides companies, investors and consulting firms a near real-time view into the consumer economy. Today, thousands of business professionals, investors and consultants leverage the Earnest platform to make more informed strategic and investment decisions.

Earnest Research introduced OKRs in early 2020 to help with strategic alignment across the teams and to provide clarity of purpose to help teams better understand how they can achieve impact.

A lot of up-front work went into the preparation of OKR framework along with education of managers and teams to promote adoption. One of the challenges encountered was helping teams understand the concepts behind a 'good' key result, specifically on the setting of appropriate metrics for tracking progress throughout the OKR cycle.

~100 employees
Data analytics
Keep teams aligned working on projects that deliver towards the company strategy
How OKR Board helped
The OKR Board facilitates different 'Result Types' when setting key results and this has greatly helped teams understand the concept of SMART goal setting.

We're using OKRs to empower our teams - to give them ownership over their roadmaps and autonomy over execution of their projects, while supporting these aims within a framework to keep teams aligned with each other and working on projects that deliver towards the company strategy.

There is a significant benefit to having all OKRs consolidated in one tool, allowing management and teams full transparency of what's going on across the organization.

The OKR Board tool covers all our use cases - notably setting of Company OKRs; creating a hierarchy of associated Group (team) contributions; the ability to set scoring using various methods; transparency of progress; and a high level dashboard to monitor progress. Our engineering teams using Jira for project tracking so automatic updates to scoring is an added bonus.
As well as covering all our primary features, the tool is well designed and very intuitive.

Deirdre O'Brien
Program Director
Earnest Research Ireland Ltd.

Get rid of frictions of managing OKR and get the framework adopted easily.