OKRs Product
15 September 2022
Roadmap for OKR
What is a Roadmap, and how can it be combined with OKRs
Each project or company, as a rule, has a development strategy and a plan for implementing this strategy. Whether you are an experienced Agile or OKR coach, Strategic planning manager, or Product/Project manager, you still need to be able to set a direction and clearly understand long-term perspective.
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4 April 2021
Web Design OKRs
As you probably already know, OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a strategic management methodology that allows synchronizing the goals of the team with individual goals. It allows ensuring effective control over the setting of goals in implementing the organization's strategy. But to better understand the system, it makes sense to look at it with specific examples. In this article, we propose to consider examples of Web Design objectives and key results.
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10 March 2021
Company OKR
Company OKR Examples
OKR is a goal-setting system that aims to build a hierarchy of goals from the whole company's level to an employee's level. Objectives are measurable achievements that provide value to the company or customers, and key results are clear signs that a given goal has been achieved. But the best way to understand what OKR is to look at OKRs examples for a company itself.
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27 February 2021
OKR examples for Product Management Team
The OKR method functions as a hierarchy: first, the company's tasks are determined, then - tasks of departments, and specific employees. Movement can also occur from the bottom up: from the staff's goals to the entire company's goals. This article invites you to consider the use cases of OKR for members of the Product Management Department.
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21 February 2021
Human Resources OKR Examples
Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a popular technique for setting goals and desired results in an organization. Its primary purpose is to link organizational, team, and personal goals to measurable results so people move together in the right direction. For each department, companies can set their own OKRs, and this article provides examples of how OKRs can be applied to the Human Resources Department.
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20 July 2020
Using OKRs and OKR Examples
As an organization or team implementing objectives and key results (OKRs), oftentimes leaders aren't sure where to start. They want to create ambitious OKRs and stretch goals, but they also want their teams to be successful.