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Daria Semenikhina

Daria is a marketing specialist at Oboard with experience in helping companies to increase their business performance through modern approaches. Her focus is on content marketing, PPC, and email marketing. She likes learning about the OKR world daily and then sharing as much knowledge with you as she can. Daria enjoys yoga, bike riding, and traveling when she isn't writing.
10 November 2022
OKRs for remote teams
Using OKRs in Remote Teams
According to world statistics, the growth of remote work occurred exponentially before the events of recent years. But a significant part of the business has switched to remote work under quarantine conditions. This is where the complexity of work in remote teams comes in, exposing long-standing problems.
OKRs Product
15 September 2022
Roadmap for OKR
What is a Roadmap, and how can it be combined with OKRs
Each project or company, as a rule, has a development strategy and a plan for implementing this strategy. Whether you are an experienced Agile or OKR coach, Strategic planning manager, or Product/Project manager, you still need to be able to set a direction and clearly understand long-term perspective.